Random Post

I’m not a big Madonna fan but if I had to pick her best songs, I’d choose these:

- Get Together
- Hollywood
- Frozen
- Beautiful Stranger
- Bedtime Story
- Human Nature
- Hung Up
- Give It To Me
- Who’s That Girl
- Erotica
- Love Profusion
- American Pie
- American Life
- Nothing Really Matters
- Sorry
- Like A Virgin
- Ray Of Light
- Future Lovers
- Music
- Papa Don’t Preach
- Vogue
They’re not in any specific order.

Too lazy to make a full lenght version right now



"Back in ‘04 I told Britney Spears that I was gay. We were in Vegas and she was upset because of her first marriage and all that circus, so I looked at her and said "Well at least you don’t have to come out and say you are gay". She looked at me and after 5 seconds she said OH My God I knew it. That’s it, she get’s me I get her and that is why we are great friends, she can always count on me and I know I can always count on her, that is my friend; something not easy to find in this industry".

                                                                  -Lance Bass on E! news.

See? That’s why I love her ♥